Super Visa Insurance

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Super Visa Insurance - Private Medical Insurance Coverage of min $100,000 to insure parents, grandparents coming to Canada under Super Visa for hospitalization, hospital Care, repatriation by Canadian Insurance Company valid for 365 days from the date of entry to Canada.

When traveling outside of your country of origin and visiting kids and grandkids in Canada, if a medical emergency happens it can put a lot of financial stress as the medical expenses can be very high. Therefore the purchase of Super visa Insurance can help to cover the medical expenses of parents and Grandparents in case of a medical emergency.

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You get to choose

You get to choose - start date for the plan and you can always change effective date before start of the coverage.

Lowest Premiums

Lowest Premiums Guaranteed for the similar benefits.

100% refund

100% refund - If no Visa Granted for any reason before effective date.

Partial Refunds

Partial Refunds - In case your parents decide to go back sooner than one year, a prorated refund is available, provided NO CLAIM on the Policy.

Online Quotes

Some Common Term Used For Super Visa Health Insurance

Visa refusal- Super visa insurance is part of the visa application. As per IRCC requirements, insurance has to be paid in full or in the form of a deposit in the monthly payment plan. However, if the visa gets refused for any reason before the effective date you will get a 100% refund. In the monthly premium plan, if the visa got refused you will get 2 months' premium back, the one-time processing fee is non-refundable. If you forget to change the effective date and after that, you provide a visa refusal letter in that scenario you will get a partial refund because insurance automatically starts from the effective date in the lumpsum plan. To get the refund, you need to provide the recent visa refusal letter. However, if you withdraw the application or you want to cancel the application due to any other reason in that scenario there will be cancellation charges of $250.

Deducible is the sum of money you must pay before the insurance company starts to reimburse the balance of the claim's cost. In other words, The deductible represents the amount of eligible medical expenses that must be paid by the insured before the insurance company begins to reimburse for covered expenses.
For example- if you will go with a $1000 deductible option if any medical emergency happens and your bill is $5000 you will pay $1000 from your side and the rest of the amount insurance come will cover. If your bill is below $1000 you will pay that amount because it is less than the deductible you chose.

Effective date- The day when insurance coverage becomes formally active is the date that it becomes effective. The enrolled may get services as of the start date of coverage, and the insurance company will pay the benefit. While getting the insurance, if you have put a tentative effective date then it is your responsibility to keep track. It is adjustable but you must inform us before the effective date to postpone or prepone. There is no administration fee until or unless you are informing us ahead of time in case you forgot to change your effective date then there will be a charge of $50 and we would need proof of non-arrival of your parents. In the monthly plan, your policy will be in pending status you have to inform us before their arrival to activate your plan the policy will not automatically starts.

If your parents leave Canada sooner than a year, you will receive a prorated refund depending upon the number of days left in the policy, provided there should not be any claim on the policy and you need to provide a picture of the boarding pass as per policy wording. $50 is the early-return fee.
If No claim on the policy, an early return refund is available as per policy wording for the unused months and is subject to an administration fee of $50.
Important example - If your parent's coverage was used for 5 months and 1 day or 5 months and 29 days, 6
months will be treated as used, and the refund is calculated based on months used and NOT days used.