Health Spending Account - HSA for Employees

Health Spending Account / HSA is a great alternative or supplement to a traditional employee health benefits plan.

It’s an account that is established to exclusively pay for health care services for you and your family members. It doesn’t include any traditional insurance coverage and can be used to pay for expenses that aren’t covered under traditional plans such as laser eye surgery or fertility treatments. Optional insurance protection is available.

Our TPA has 15+ years of HSA administration experience, the team comprises Coverage Benefits Include

Eligible dependents

Eligible dependents can include family members outside of your souse and children

Tax deduction

Tax deduction for your business and non-taxable benefits for the employees

Eligible expenses

Wide range of eligible expenses


Ability to carry forward the benefit amount to the future years

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Coverage Benefits Include


Eligible Expenses
Assistive Mobility Device
Audiologist Services & Hearing Aids
Autism Treatments
Cataract Surgery
Chiropodist Services
Chiropractic Services
Contact Lenses
Dental Hygienist Services
Dental Surgeons Services
Dental Technologist Services
Denturist Services
Dermatology Services
Prescription Drugs
Elderly Parent & Dependent Care
Fertility Drugs & Treatment Services
Laser Eye Surgery
Massage Therapists (RMT)
Medical Laboratory Services
Medical Radiation Treatments
Midwife Services
Naturopath Services
Occupational Therapist Services
Optician Services
Optometrist Services
Orthodontic Services
Physiotherapist Services
Prescription Glasses
Prescription Sunglasses
Private Nursing Services
Psychologist Services
Respiratory Therapists